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Although AirPods Pro has become such a hit that Apple cannot keep up with inventory, there are some issues. One big issue has been AirPods Pro keep falling out for some owners.

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In the box, Apple provides three different silicone ear-tips to switch between and use. And after being paired with your iPhone or iPad, you can perform the Fit Test in order to make sure you’re using the right ones.

Problems associated with poorly fitting AirPods Pro

Despite its popularity, there are some that are still disappointed with the AirPods Pro. Primarily, issues revolve around the use of the silicone ear-tips and the lack of third-party or even first-party alternatives.

So what can happen if your AirPods Pro doesn’t fit the way that you were expecting them to? Well for one, Active Noise Cancellation may not work as well due to the lack of a solid “seal” in your ears. Without a good fit, sounds and noises can leak through, which can be rather frustrating if you need to sit down and focus.

Another big issue with not having a great fit is that they could fall out randomly. These aren’t like the original AirPods where they just sit in your ear, as the silicone tip can “slip” out of your ear. Then, you’ll have to frantically try and find where it fell out or may end up needing to get a replacement.

AirPods Pro Keep falling out, Here’s what you can do

If you are someone who has been getting frustrated with the AirPods Pros, there are a few options. Some of these may not be the greatest, but you’ll need to make sure that your hard-earned money was well spent.

Try using memory foam tips

A popular theme for those experiencing issues is to try out different memory foam tips. There are no “official” first-party replacement foam tips that come directly from Apple.

Instead, you will have to do some research in order to locate different “compatible” memory foam tips. At the time of this writing, there are not even any third-party options that fully replace the silicone tips provided by Apple. Although Comply has stated that there is something “in the works” for the AirPods Pro.

But some, like Federico Viticci from MacStories, have found another way to get that “memory foam” fit while still using the silicone tips. We are hoping that Comply releases a set of foam tips that completely replace the AirPods Pro silicone options. Unfortunately, we may be waiting a little bit longer for that.

As someone who has experienced this problem of the ear tips slipping, I have gone down the Viticci path. And here are some of the best options for you to choose from:

  • Symbio W – These are what I purchased directly from Symbio after seeing Viticci, and others, using them with solid results.
  • Comply Isolation T-400 – Before my Symbio W’s arrived, I had finagled and installed these onto the tips for my AirPods Pro. But the case never fully-closed and caused too much frustration for my liking.
  • F FEYCH Replacement Tips – These were just a cheap and easy way for me to see if I would be able to try and install tips with the AirPods Pro. But they worked surprisingly well.

Regardless of which memory foam tips you purchase, we recommend picking up a multi-pack. These usually include three different sizes (S/M/L) so you can find what works for your ears. And if you want a better idea of how to install these, check out this video.

Memory Foam vs Silicon Tips for AirPods Pro

So the first question you may be asking yourself is why should you get a memory foam ear-tip instead of silicone. Well, the easiest answer is because of the material itself. Silicone ear tips are much slippery, and keep earwax on the tip causing you to “deep clean” them.

Memory foam contours to the shape of your ear provided that you put them in your ear the right way. This not only will help alleviate ear fatigue, but also will provide a better seal and an overall better experience.

Other ways to keep them from falling out

If you don’t want to rely on using third-party ear-tips, there are a few different methods you can try. We have found some of the more popular solutions that seem to be working for AirPods Pro owners.

You’re wearing them wrong

As much as this may frustrate some, you may be putting your AirPods Pro in your ear the wrong way. Obviously, this is just for those who are experiencing issues, but some have found a better way to get the “right” fit.

You will want to treat the AirPods Pro as if they are a set of earplugs. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Reach behind your head, pulling upward on the back of your ear.
  2. Push the AirPods into your ear as deep as you can.
  3. Let go of your the back of your ear.

The AirPods are not long enough to accidentally cause any damage to the ear canal or your eardrum. However, performing this technique will open your ear canal, allowing for the AirPods to go deeper than normal, while providing a more secure fit.

Avoid ear fatigue

Switch the ear-tips to the smallest ones available, then make sure that the stem of the AirPods Pro is as vertically-straight as possible. This will alleviate pressure and pain when wearing the headphones for long periods of time. Plus, if the stem is vertical, it has more of a chance to stay in your ears due to another added point of contact.

Flip and swap

Another method that may feel a bit odd is to flip the AirPods Pro upside down. This is a way that some runners have discovered as a viable way to keep the AirPods from falling out. If that still doesn’t work, you can flip them upside down and then swap ears (put left in the right ear, and vice-versa).

Return your AirPods Pro

The final option if none of the above “fixes” work for you is to return your AirPods Pro. Depending on when they were purchased, it will determine how long the return policy is that you have to adhere to.

Here’s a breakdown of the return policy for different retailers:

  • Apple: 14 Calendar Days from the date of purchase
  • Best Buy: 15 days from date of purchase
  • Target: 15 days from date of purchase
  • Walmart: 30 days from date of purchase

If the AirPods Pro were purchased at a different retailer, you’ll need to double-check that retailers return policy. Other than that, we recommend having either a standard or gift receipt when it’s time to return them.


When working properly and the way that Apple intended, the AirPods Pro is absolutely magical. However, the lack of third-party ear tip solutions has caused frustration for many, leaving some with no other option than to return them. Which in and of itself can be upsetting due to the fact that Apple just can’t keep up with the current demand.

If you have tried one of the mentioned solutions for yourself, let us know how it worked for you. Did you end up returning them? Or did you find something that worked? If there’s something that we didn’t mention, let us know so we can share it with others experiencing the same problems.

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He has written for a variety of sites over the years, including iMore, Android Central, Phandroid, and a few others. Now, he spends his days working for an HVAC company, while moonlighting as a freelance writer at night.

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